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How do I Listen to my Call Recordings?
How do I Listen to my Call Recordings?

Learn how to access your recordings for inbound/outbound calls.

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It's simple to listen to your call recordings. Where you go depends on what type of calls you want to listen to:

  • For any smrtPhone calls (Inbound and Outbound calls) - Access your smrtPhone Dashboard, in the upper right corner, under My Account, and click Billing & Logs.

  • For any smrtDialer calls (each Campaign has its own list of recordings) - Access the Campaign you are interested in and click on the eye icon on the right side of the page, Total Calls -> Recordings.

Also, you can download the call recording file from the playback screen.

Go to Account Menu > Billing & Logs > Call Logs - press the blue play button and then select download from the playback screen.

As long as you keep your recordings in the Recording Storage, they will be available and charged accordingly.

Call Logs contain smrtPhone call recordings that can be deleted. smrtDialer recordings can be completely wiped only from Recording Storage, where you can utilize bulk deletion to remove an entire month's worth of recordings.

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