When a Campaign is being dialed and a call connects, the Lead Window appears with important information to guide the call.

The interface helps your agents better identify and disposition leads with ease. Everything is one click away and always synchronized with your CRM system or the details on the Excel list you've uploaded. 

Lead Window is composed of lots of elements, among you can easily recognize:

  1. Active Call Lines

  2. Lead Details

  3. Call Notes & Disposition

  4. Call Script Form

  5. Communication History

Call Lines

On the upper side of your screen, you can find your call lines and also the status of each line you might have. If you have the auto-resume option on (from Settings), it's going to dial again automatically after the connected call is finalized.

Lead Details Window

In the details window, you can see more info about the lead you are talking to such as name, address, phone number, email, and also a map preview of the address. You also have the option to open the Lead or the Call Record in CRM and leave notes.

You can also see your own outbound Caller ID that connected at the bottom of this window.

Call Notes & Disposition

In the Lead window, you can take notes that will be populated inside your Lead item in CRM.

Once you complete your call you will be prompted to assign your lead to a certain status (disposition). Every change that you make will be also logged inside your CRM system. 

These Dispositions are customizable for some of our integrated CRMs. You can find more by reading this article here: How filters (call dispositions) work in smrtDialer >>

Note: Be aware of the differences between a Campaign based on an Excel upload and one based on a CRM list when expecting details to populate Lead Window and back to CRM.

Call Script Form 

smrtDialer comes with a fully customizable call script that you can follow during your call using merge fields that populate with corresponding lead information. Use this script to make sure you don't miss any details from your conversation with your lead. Enter the answers in the notes field, which syncs to your CRM.

Podio Users also have the option to create a Podio form that can actually be completed from within smrtDialer. You can use multiple call scripts for different campaigns however, please make sure that you clone the existing one and modify it instead of creating a new one from scratch. For Podio forms, you must submit the form before finalizing the call or the data will be lost.

Learn more about Call Script by reading this article here: Call Script for smrtDialer Campaigns >>

Communication History

In this window, you can see, down on the page, a button to access the last interactions that you had with the lead you are speaking to. You can differentiate the calls made while power-dialing by the tag named "Dialer Calls'. The Outbound Calls are just regular calls that you had with your lead in the past.  

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