When a Campaign is being dialed and a call connects, the Lead Window appears with important information to guide the call.

If you have a multi-line subscription, you will see what happens with calls on all lines.

Once established the connection with a lead, the Lead Window will provide the information customized while mapping. Lead Window is composed of 5 elementary fearures:

  1. Active Call Lines

  2. Lead Details

  3. Call Notes & Dispositions

  4. Call Script Form

  5. Communication History

Lead Details Window

In the details window, you can see more info about the lead you are talking to such as name, address, phone number, email, and also a map preview of the address. You also have the option to open the Lead or the Call Record in CRM *(if the case).

  • Lead information that was imported from CRM or uploaded Excel/CSV file.

  • Call Script (if set).

  • Your Caller ID - which of your smrtPhone numbers was used to connect to the lead, in case you need to provide it to them.

  • View Lead/View Call in CRM - will open the information in a new tab *(if the case) (Podio CRM used for demonstration)

  • Communication History (if any prior contact was made).

  • Action Bar across the top of the lead window:

    • ☎️ Keypad - use the keyboard inside the smrtDialer whether using the mouse or your computer's keyboard.

    • ✉️ Send SMS - send a text message while on a call, without leaving this window or hanging up the call.

    • Drop Voicemail - in case you do not have A.I.Voice Detection on and you reached a leads's Voicemail, now you can drop yours manually.

    • 📞 Transfer Call - smrtPhone Pro subscribers have the option of a warm transfer or group call. smrtPhone Standard subscribers can simply pass the call with a cold transfer.

    • ⏸️ Hold Call - the option to hold the current call. (Available for Pro subscribers)

    • Hang up - end a call at your convenience.

  • Notes - keep track of the lead's answers and information, for better informed follow-up. This is where answers to the call script should be stored. These notes are pushed to CRM.

  • Push to CRM (if it is an Excel-based campaign).

  • Finalize the Call and add Dispositions.

smrtDialer's interface helps your agents better identify and disposition leads with ease. Everything is one click away and always synchronized with your CRM system or the details on the Excel list you've uploaded.

Call Lines

On top of your screen, you can find your call lines. Also, there is the progress bar that indicates how many leads of the campaign you have called on the right side. Each line comes with a status bar - see above the Action Bar - that will indicate the status of your call and also the option to terminate the call, send an SMS, or drop a voicemail (this only applies to answered calls).

Moreover, while in idle status, on the right side, you can see an Overview of the current Call Session and a Session Log, where you can see what happened with the leads called up until this moment.

Call Notes & Disposition

In the disposition window, you can take notes that will be populated inside your Lead item in CRM. Once you complete your call you will be prompted to assign your lead to a certain status. Every change that you make will be also logged inside your CRM system.

Note: Be aware of the differences between a Campaign based on an Excel upload and one based on a CRM upload when expecting details to populate the Lead Window and back to CRM.

Call Script Form

smrtDialer comes with a fully customizable call script that you can complete during your call. Once you submit your call script it will be referenced to your lead inside your CRM. You can use multiple call scripts for different campaigns however, please make sure that you clone the existing one and modify it instead of creating a new one from scratch.

Learn more about Call Script by reading this article here: Call Script for smrtDialer Campaigns >>

Note: Podio Users can still use the Webform.

Communication History

In this window, which opens once you click the bottom button, you can see a breakdown of the last interactions that you had with the lead you are speaking to.

You can differentiate the calls made while power-dialing by the tag named Dialer Calls. The Outbound Calls are just regular calls that you had with your lead in the past.

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