How to Set Up Individual User Voicemail

In this article, you will learn how to set up voicemail recordings for individual user

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The article below will help you in setting up your Individual User's Voicemail recording to be used by incoming Call Flows, by following some easy steps.

Go to the My Account Section of the Account Menu (upper right of the dashboard). Here, you will find all the options regarding General Settings, Voicemail, and Notifications.

The default message is a digital voice that says Please leave a message after the beep. You can update and personalize your voicemail greeting by pressing the edit button:

Four Ways to Set an Individual Voicemail

1. Read text like a robot

The text you just typed will be read like a robot and heard accordingly.

2. Record an audio file

You can record your personalized message directly into smrtPhone's Media Manager.

There are two ways:

a. Record from your phone.

In this case, you enter your personal mobile phone number and our system will call you. Follow the recorded prompts to record your voicemail greeting.

b. Use your computer microphone.

In this case, you will press the record button and use your headset/computer microphone to record your outgoing message. Once you've finished recording you can replay, modify the speech speed, and confirm saving it as your greeting. You can also re-record it if you are not pleased with the outcome.

3. Choose from your library

Under this option, you can select a recording from the media stored in your Media Manager. Keep in mind that here you will always find your personal saved Recordings, not all the files existing in the Media Manager.

4. Upload an MP3 file

You can simply choose a file from your computer and set it as your future voicemail.

Press the Save button and you're all set!

Keep in mind that this voicemail will be played by the system when you have selected an incoming call to route to an individual user's voicemail inbox in your Call Flows.

πŸ’‘ Voicemail in Call Flows β‡’

πŸ’‘ Media Manager β‡’

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