Is smrtPhone more Expensive than Other Systems?

Usually not, but sometimes. However, we always win when it comes to value and benefits to your business.

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The honest truth is: It depends.

Because we operate on a straight forward subscription + usage fee at the company level, it's hard to compare to other systems that charge on a per user basis, or who have some minutes included but then charge a premium for overages. To price compare depends on how you use the system, how your team is structured, your type of business, the number of regions in which you operate, and other personal characteristics.

In our experience, we most often come out being the less expensive option, but sometimes we are not. It truly is a case-by-case situation.

smrtPhone aims at being the best, most integrated, most comprehensive system. To us, the benefits outweigh any minor differences in pricing.

You have access to all your logs in smrtPhone, under your account menu, so you always know exactly what you're paying for everything.

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