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A Campaign runs properly only if settings are right done. From time to time, you should check your leads in a particular Campaign, to make sure they are as they should be.

To see leads in a Campaign, you simply get into your smrtPhone Dashboard, select smrtDialer, and then choose the Campaign that you are interested in.

Here, along with the options of Archiving the Campaign, Reset the Campaign, and Campaign Settings, you can also observe under the Campaign's name, the Campaign details, such as:

  • Caller ID

  • Number of lines in your Campaign

  • Dial Timeout

  • When it was created

  • Voicemail and Hold music connected to this Campaign

  • Number Depth

  • smrtLeads

  • Resync

  • See all Leads

and so on

Seeing your Campaign's leads

To easily see your Leads in this particular Campaign, and on the right side, where are all the settings, you can See all Leads.

In this new window, you can filter the Leads by First Name, Last Name, or Email in order to quickly find out the information needed.

From here, you can also see those Leads in Podio too.

Do you see fewer leads in the Campaign than in the Podio list?

When there is a difference between the number of leads in Podio and in your Campaign, it's because smrtDialer cannot dial the phone numbers for those leads. The number within smrtDialer will show as lower.

Common causes for discrepancies between the list totals are:

  • Contacts with no phone number / empty phone number field

  • Phone numbers incorrectly formatted

  • Bad characters in the phone number, such as too many dashes

  • Contacts on your DNC list

  • Contacts that have already been converted for this campaign

Double-check your lists in Podio to correct any formatting issues.

Resync Leads

What does resyncing mean? When you set up a campaign, you're reaching into Podio, identifying an App, identifying a data segment and saying to smrtDialer, "Bring me those leads." Podio Apps can be dynamic in the way it adds leads to segmentation. After the initial setup of your campaign, you might find more leads have been added in Podio, and they need to be pulled into smrtDialer. This is why when a new calling session is started, smrtDialer asks if you want to resync.

If it's a cold calling list where you load it once and that's it, you won't need to resync. But if the list is built off of a Podio View, the list is dynamic and will be ever-changing. You always want to be calling the most up-to-date list.

The reasons you want to resync the Campaign's Leads can vary:

  • If the lead was marked DNC within Podio but not yet in smrtDialer/smrtPhone.

  • If you've updated the contact record for Leads with no number or improperly formatted numbers to have dial-able numbers

  • If new contacts have been added to your data segment list in Podio.

To resync, just press the arrow, on the right side of the page - 🔄Resync.

❗️ Keep in mind that if your list of leads is large, the resync process might take few minutes to happen. It will sync in the background and you will see a banner announcing progress appear at the top of the screen. You can continue your work while the leads are syncing.

✅ Note: If you are a Salesforce user, we have a dedicated collection to help you better understand our system. So, this information about re-syncing leads in your campaign doesn't seem useful here, you can check it in our Salesforce Guides within our Documentation.

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