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Can I send/receive MMS with smrtPhone?
Can I send/receive MMS with smrtPhone?

Sending and receiving pictures via smrtPhone Mobile App

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Yes! You can send and receive MMS with smrtPhone. Here are your options:

Sending MMS:

  • At this time, this feature is only available for the Mobile App.

Receiving MMS:

  • Web App - find them in your Inbox

  • Mobile App - find them in your Inbox

  • Within your CRM - find the attachment in your CRM (at this moment only for Podio & Salesforce users)

You can choose to see a small pop-up notification every time you or your teams receive text messages. You can also opt to hear a sound for each message or voicemail you receive. Here's how:

Access My Account (upper right on your Dashboard) and Toggle on the Inbox Alert Notification.

To receive and send MMS, you must be sure your setup is properly done and the phone number you use has MMS capabilities.

You can find additional information on both Call Flow and Phone Numbers on our Documentation Library.

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