smrtPhone gives you the ability to receive MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Service) - that is, you can receive text messages with attached images.

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MMS-enabled Phone numbers

To receive MMS messages, please make sure that you buy/own an MMS capable number. You can check this by looking at your Phone Numbers portfolio and viewing the Capabilities column.

Most smrtPhone phone numbers are MMS enabled, but it's not guaranteed.

Receiving/Viewing MMS in smrtPhone

The Web App Inbox

When you receive an MMS image to your User, it is delivered to your Inbox along with any accompanying text message.

For any incoming messages received with images attached, you can view the attachment within your smrtPhone Web App Inbox.

For the moment, from the Web App Inbox, you can view the MMS text and attached files but reply with only text. You cannot reply with an MMS from the Web App Inbox at this time.

Simply select the Inbox tab within your Admin Dashboard and there, among other messages, you will see the MMSs too.

You are also notified on the screen with a small popup and a gentle sound every time that you receive an MMS (also a text message and or a voicemail).

You can disable these notifications by accessing the upper right corner of your Dashboard > My Account > Toggle Notifications and set the Inbox Alert notification off.

You can learn more by reading this article on How to text using smrtPhone >>

Mobile App

An alternative to viewing your MMS within the Web App is to access your Inbox from your smrtPhone Mobile App. You will see the MMS message and the corresponding media files. And, you can reply with an MMS from here.

You can view the image larger by clicking on it.

Sending Images from smrtPhone

Currently, you can only send MMS from the smrtPhone Mobile App and you can send only one image at a time. (Multi-image send is coming soon!) You can send an MMS as a response to an active conversation or add an image to a fresh message from the Compose Message window.

Add an image to a brand new text:

  • Open smrtPhone Mobile App

  • Click on the Inbox tab from the bottom of the screen

  • Click the large βž• sign to open the Compose Message Window

  • Press the "Add Image" button

  • Choose an image from your photo library or take a new image.

  • You can type a text message or leave the SMS portion blank and use the blue button to Send Message.

To send an image in an existing text conversation:

  • Open the smrtPhone Mobile App

  • Click on the Inbox tab at the bottom

  • Select the active conversation you'd like to continue

  • Press the βž• button to the left of the text compose field

  • You will get the option to select an image from your existing photo library or you can access the camera and take a real-time pic.

  • Note: Selecting the image triggers send.

Viewing Your Images in your CRM*

Only available for Podio Users: All the MMS messages that you receive through smrtPhone will be shown in your smrtPhone Inbox and also inside your Communications App as file attachments in Podio.

Starting March 1, 2022 carriers are going to impose greater fees on business texting, including MMS, under a program called A2P 10DLC. You can read about the fees here>>

To read more about smrtPhone's pricing, please visit our website and download our current pricing list >>

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