While using our system, whether for calling, texting, or running campaigns, you may encounter errors that are out of our control. But there are basic precautionary steps you can take to ensure the highest call quality and efficiency.

This article covers basic recommendations that will optimize your dialing experience:

Some common issues that we'll be covering are dropped calls, poor call quality, calls that won't connect, or delays in dialing. Read on for solutions!

1. Hardware Recommendations

a. Connection via Ethernet cable

  • The most reliable way to keep a stable internet connection is to use an Ethernet cable. If your wi-fi is unreliable or intermittent, we recommend a hardwire connection to improve the quality of your calls.

b. A good headset

  • A phone headset could improve the quality of your calls, and cut down on background noise. Please keep in mind that the headset's settings are different from the mic & speakers of your computer, so you might be asked to set them up properly in order to enjoy its functionality (e.g.: "allow microphone"). Remember to always keep the driver up to date.

2. Software Recommendations

a. High upload/download speed and low ping

  • Pay attention to your upload/download speed (we recommend a minimum of 20 mb/s), and a lower ping (the network utility that refers to the signal sent out across the network to another computer, which then sends its own signal back). If your speeds are too low, or your ping is too high, we recommend reaching out to your wi-fi carrier to take next steps.

b. Interfering software

Consider that software can interfere with smrtPhone's performance. Here are some examples of software that can potentially reduce, cancel or even block smrtPhone when you're trying to dial or text:

  • VPNs

  • AdBlock (or similar programs)

  • Antivirus or malware programs

  • Krisp (or similar noise cancellation apps)

  • Browser extensions

โœ… Important Note: please keep in mind that our system is built to entirely function on the Google Chrome browser!

3. Permissions and notifications

Please don't forget to "allow browser notifications" for all dialers when prompted. This includes the microphone: "allow using the microphone".

Without these permissions, you might encounter the issues previously mentioned.

a. Browser notifications - Chrome Browser

Check your browser settings to confirm that Chrome notifications are allowed by your computer.

b. smrtPhone System notifications

You can receive smrtPhone notifications on your desktop by activating this option from your Admin Dashboard > My Account.

Just toggle on that you want to receive notifications and where you want them to appear:

c. Smartwatch notifications

Notifications are also available for your smartwatch. Depending on which OS you use (iOS or Android) you will have the ability to receive a notification when someone is calling/texting you, if you turn these notifications on.

These basic settings will need to be confirmed in order for smartwatch notifications to work:

  • The phone's Bluetooth is on and the smartwatch is synced to your device

  • The phone's software is compatible with your smartwatch

  • The smartwatch's software is up to date

d. Phone notifications

  • Android users:

    • Go to Settings > Notifications

    • Select apps you want to receive notifications from

    • Enable "Allow notifications" and "Display" in the status bar, as well as "Banners"

    • Set Lock screen notifications to "Show"/"On"

  • iOS users:

    • Go to Settings > Notifications

    • Scroll down to the smrtPhone app

    • Scroll down to Options

    • Tap "Show Previews" and either choose "Always" or "When Unlocked" (If "Never" is selected, your iPhone won't push the messages to a paired device.)

Note: these settings might vary depending on your phone model and Android/iOs version.

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