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Play Announcement (Greeting Applet) - Call Flow

You can play a message for your caller after a ring or as part of an IVR menu

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Playing a message for your caller after they hear a ring can be an excellent chance for engagement.

It can be used as a branding opportunity to buy time and keep things interesting before the call connects.

Remember, it will be the first thing the caller hears when they call you, so be strategic and efficient with your selection of Greeting!

How to Use the Greeting Applet

The Greeting Applet is found in the Call Flow Builder. It is flexible, depending on your needs and your imagination.

There are three common ways to use the Greeting Applet:

  • First in a call flow

    Example: Thank you for calling! Please note that calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes. Then, if a Dial Applet is in place, it will ring the assigned User or Team.

  • As a selection in an IVR phone menu

    Example: Press 1 to hear the location and hours, and the greeting plays the location and hours information

  • Upon no answer in a Dial Applet
    Example: Please hold while we attempt to contact your party, and then another Dial Applet

How to Set the Greeting Message

You have multiple options for selecting how the message will play.

  • Type text that will be read like a robot

  • Using your mobile phone's or computer's microphone, record an audio file directly into smrtPhone

  • Choose a pre-recorded message from your Media Manager

  • Upload a fresh MP3 file

Don't forget to set what should happen after the greeting message is played!

You can also have a greeting message played before ringing as part of the Dial Applet.

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