API for pulling DNC from your CRM

Add/delete a number from DNC list using the DNC API

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If you mark a lead as Do Not Contact in your CRM, you can send that data to smrtPhone and automatically disable calling/texting that number. Phone numbers put on smrtPhone's DNC list cannot be called or texted from any smrtPhone dialer nor can they be dialed in a smrtDialer campaign.

You can push DNC from your CRM directly into smrtPhone using the smrtPhone API. We recommend you have a developer or someone familiar with posting to an API to follow these steps for you.

1. Locate your API Token

The first thing you need to do is locate your API Token that is available in the Admin Panel from the left navigation. Click "API Tokens" from the bottom of the list and select "Show token" for the one you want to use. This is a unique key that is specific to your smrtPhone account.

2. smrtPhone DNC API & Parameters

To interact with the API from your CRM, you can send a POST REQUEST to the below URL. Your API token must be in the header of the request.

  • Endpoint for ADDING a number to the DNC list

    • Header: X-Auth-smrtPhone

    • Body Parameter: phone


  • Endpoint for DELETING a number from the DNC list:

    • Header: X-Auth-smrtPhone

    • Body Parameter: phone

    • Optional body parameter: reason


Note: Keep in mind that to remove a number from your smrtPhone DNC list, you have to provide a reason why that proves you have regained consent. This is an important part of telecom compliance.

Our system will identify your request, add/delete that particular number, and act accordingly. For numbers added to the DNC list in smrtPhone, all calls and texts will be disabled. For numbers removed from the DNC list in smrtPhone, calling and texting will be restored.

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