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Mobile App - syncing business with personal phonebook and contacts
Mobile App - syncing business with personal phonebook and contacts

What to do if your business phone numbers show up in your personal contacts and vice versa.

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Are you seeing your CRM contacts inside of your cell phone's contacts app or seeing personal numbers that you have never saved in your CRM inside of the smrtPhone Mobile App? Some iPhone Users have reported this issue. The root cause is actually within iOS, not within smrtPhone, and it's easily fixed.

The issue is typically that the permissions in your phone's personal address book is set to sync with smrtPhone Mobile App Contacts. From our side: smrtPhone Mobile App doesn't have access to the phone Contacts so we cannot sync or read from Contacts.

This is a feature of the Contacts app on iOS. When you connect an email account to the contacts app you can allow that account to sync with the Contacts app, hence the sync in the business address book.

The solution to this is to go to into your iPhone Settings > Contacts > Accounts and enable or disable contacts sync for your business account.

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