You can receive calls when your mobile device is locked or unlocked.

When your mobile device is unlocked and a call comes in, it drops a small banner across the top of your screen. You can see that it is coming in through the smrtPhone app.

You can choose to accept, decline, or ignore it.

Accepting a Call

If you choose to accept the call, you'll have all of the usual options: keypad, notes, speaker, mute.

Please, keep in mind that "Add Call" and "Hold Call" are Pro Features.

Switch Apps without Interrupting Call

With the call still connected, you can switch apps without dropping the call. The phone icon will be in the upper left of your screen to return to the call screen. (Or you can switch back to the app, as you would normally navigate your mobile device.)

Finalizing the Call

When the call has ended, you will be able to select your usual call dispositions. They will be automatically logged into your CRM along with any call notes.

While finalizing the call, you can decide if you keep the number/contact.

So, you can send a text, call back or press the gear icon Action and add this particular number to the Spam or DNC list.

Declining the Call

When you decline the call, it will stop ringing and go to the next step in your programmed Call Flow.

Ignoring the Call

If you choose to ignore the call, it will continue to ring and then move on to the next step in the Call Flow based on how you have it configured.

Recent Calls

All calls, whether answered or missed, will appear in the Recent Calls section of the mobile app.

Advanced options:

As you press on one particular contact, you can see other advanced options for better customization, like:

  • Sync - sync contact in your CRM

  • Details - about that contact

  • Rename - change the current name

You can see these advanced options even before calls, not only after calls.

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