While creating a smrtDialer Campaign based on your CRM Leads you will have to take some basic steps.

The first step is to go to the smrtDialer section within your smrtPhone dashboard ( πŸ“ž icon in the left navigation.) Hit the +New Campaign button in the upper right of your smrtDialer.

Then, follow some simple actions:

Step 1: Set the Core Campaign Details - like the name of the campaign, Call Engine, Phone numbers, or Recordings

Step 2: Select Campaign Type - choose your CRM

Step 3: Set Campaign Settings - setting filters

Step 4: Call Script - create a unique Call Script or use an older template

Step 5: Configure Agent Permissions - decide who can call this campaign

If you struggle with creating the campaign, you can always review our documentation, especially this article here: smrtDialer Campaign Creation - from your CRM >>

Note: For a File-based Campaign, please check this article: Creating a CSV /Excel - based Campaign >>

Because your CRM has a particular way of pulling leads out, here are some useful steps to help you with your customization:

  1. Prepare your leads: smrtDialer Campaigns will import leads from your Opportunities.

  2. Find the three dots on the right, and choose from the drop-down menu the Edit Action button in order to customize users.

  3. Choose the leads and assign them to your User by choosing within the drop-down menu your user/email and then pressing the Update Action button. this way, you can assign them to the whished email address corresponding to the user.

Now, while creating the smrtDialer campaign - based on CRM Leads, you can easily use exactly the user you selected in the previous step - which will help to import the Overdue/Due Today tasks you just assigned to that user.

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