InvestorFuse Users: Get IF Leads into smrtDialer Campaign

Customize your CRM to be ready for smrtDialer Campaigns

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While creating a smrtDialer Campaign based on your CRM Leads you will have to take some basic steps for a successful campaign.

Steps in Campaign Creation

Before any customization, access smrtDialer: go to the smrtDialer section within your smrtPhone Dashboard ( πŸ“ž icon in the left navigation.) Hit the βž• New Campaign button in the upper right of your smrtDialer.

Then, follow some simple actions:

​1. Set the Core Campaign Details

Customize fields like the name of the campaign, Call Engine, Phone numbers, or Recordings.

2. Select Campaign Type

Pick the CRM option and choose your CRM.

3. Set Campaign Settings

Setting filters is important for an organized campaign.

4. Call Script

Create a unique Call Script or use an older template. Find more information in this article here: Call Script for smrtDialer Campaign β‡’

5. Configure Agent Permissions

Decide who can call this campaign. Learn more here: Setting permissions in smrtDialer β‡’

If you struggle with creating the campaign, you can always review our documentation, especially this article here: smrtDialer Campaign Creation - from your CRM β‡’

For a File-based Campaign, check this article: Creating a CSV /Excel - based Campaign β‡’

Because your CRM has a particular way of pulling leads out, here are some useful steps to help you with your customization:

  1. Get your leads ready

    Prepare your leads that smrtDialer Campaigns will import, from your Opportunities.

  2. Edit Action

    Find the three dots on the right, and choose from the drop-down menu the Edit Action button to customize users.

  3. Assign Leads

    Choose the leads and assign them to your User by choosing within the drop-down menu your user/email and then pressing the Update Action button. this way, you can assign them to the whished email address corresponding to the user.

Now, while creating the smrtDialer campaign - based on CRM Leads, you can easily use exactly the user you selected in the previous step - which will help to import the Overdue/Due Today tasks you just assigned to that user.

πŸ’‘ DNC in smrtDialer β‡’

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