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Why am I Getting an Active Session Detected Notice?
Why am I Getting an Active Session Detected Notice?

You can work in smrtPhone in multiple tabs, but the web dialer will be active in only one.

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While active in smrtPhone in two or more tabs of the browser, the web dialer will be active in only one of them. This is because smrtPhone system is trying to prevent any mistakes and lose any hard work.

You may still use the Chrome Extension and your Mobile App, as additional dialers, set to different Caller IDs if that is most efficient for your business.

Example business cases for wanting multiple tabs of smrtPhone open include: wanting to work in multiple Caller IDs at the same time (inbound or outbound), wanting multiple tabs open while configuring Users/Teams and Call Flows, or working in smrtPhone and smrtDialer at the same time.

As soon as you open a second smrtPhone tab or window (whether the same account or different accounts), our system will inform you it has detected another active session and will close the previous smrtPhone web dialer sessions. It will keep only the current one open.

You can switch at any moment from one tab to the next and come back active on each session you desire. Only that, you can only use the web dialer on one at a time.

Keep in mind that as soon as the system notices another open tab, it shuts the dialer in the first one - it will not take into consideration that it was ringing or during a call. The latest open tab has priority in front of the older ones.

If you want to keep working with multiple Caller IDs at the same time you still have options. You can use the Chrome Extension or the Mobile App without any interruptions while being logged in and using the Web App in one tab. It will also work to be logged in to two different smrtPhone accounts - while in incognito mode on the second account.

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