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KPI Reporting - Phone Number Performance
KPI Reporting - Phone Number Performance

Where to go to understand how tracking phone numbers perform

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Number Performance Reports

The third option under the Reports section is Number Performance. Use the Number Performance Report to review each tracking number's call performance. Head to smrtPhone Dashboard > Reports > Number to access it.

On the report, you will see the numeric number as well as the friendly name you have assigned it. Of course, you can pick more than a number. However, when choosing more than a number, the system will display the metrics all together, not split.

no performance in kpi

So, if you are interested in one particular number's performance, you might want to select just that one.


Once you have selected the number/numbers and set the timeframe for this report, then select the metrics that should be displayed in the Timeline.

You can switch between the metrics, selecting up to 5 to match your tracking:

Total Outbound Calls

smrtPhone Outbound Calls

smrtDialer Calls

Total Talk Time

smrtPhone Talk Time

smrtDialer Talk Time

Total Answer Rate

smrtPhone Answer Rate

smrtDialer Answer Rate

Average Call Duration

smrtPhone Average Call

smrtDialer Average Call

Average Call Inbound

Average Call Outbound

Text Messages Sent

Text Messages Received

Voicemails Sent

Voicemails Received

Inbound Calls

Inbound Calls Answered

Missed Calls

Outbound Calls Not Answered

smrtDialer Session Count

Calls Answered

smrtPhone Calls Answered

smrtDialer Calls Answered

Calls under 3 minutes

Calls under 5 minutes

Calls under 20 minutes

Your metrics will pull relevant data and show that in the first graph of the report. Move your cursor over the graph and see details about any date, based on the metrics.

number performance KPI timeline

Change the metrics, and the data from the graph will change as well. The same applies to any vector in this reporting section.

Number Performance

Check particular number (numbers) performances by selecting them in the filter up on the tab. Then pick the metrics that you want to follow from the drop-down menu. The metrics available are the same as the ones in Timeline.

number performance

Timeline and Number Performance can be useful when discussing improving your team's performance.

For example, using the data in this report, you can identify the marketing channel numbers that are best performing and make decisions about managing your portfolio of phone numbers - adding new ones in specific area codes or retiring others.

With smrtPhone, you can add or release phone numbers as needed through the Admin section of the left navigation bar.

Busiest Time

At the bottom of this dashboard, you have the graphs for the busiest times for inbound and outbound calls.

These graphs represent a heat map that shows the time of day and the day when the most inbound or outbound calls took place, and they are independent of the Timeline metrics. They display only the information per agent selected and the timeframe set.

All reports can be saved as Views and also downloaded. Use the upper right options to do so.

Why Use a Tracking Phone Number?

Many of our clients use the phone numbers on their accounts as Tracking Phone Numbers. Tracking Numbers are a marketing tool that enables you to identify which lead channel is performing best. You secure multiple phone numbers and assign a different one to each marketing channel or advertisement. Then, when the number is called or texted, you know which marketing asset is responsible for the lead. With this information, you can decide where to continue to invest your advertising dollars to get the best ROI.

Through smrtPhone, you can secure phone numbers in any area code within the country or get a toll-free number that is nationwide. For many prospects, it matters to see a local phone number; they want to do business with someone local because it makes them feel better understood. It supports a reputation of being understanding and more human.

Some smrtPhone clients want to project an image of being large and experienced, so a toll-free number is better suited to their needs. Whatever works for your business strategy, you will be able to understand the specific performance of your tracking numbers in this report.

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