Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t want you to be held back by the number of users you have.

Our simple pricing structure is based on your Podio Organisation (and the number of users you chose to connect to smrtPhone).

To access smrtPhone you will need a subscription to one of our plans, and you will need to load in credit to your smrtPhone system to use for all of your calls/texts/numbers.

Subscription Plans:

There are 3 separate plans that you can choose in smrtPhone: Standard, PRO and Enterprise

Every account includes these great features:

  • Instant Numbers
  • Simple Number Management
  • Team Management
  • Voicemails
  • Internal Transfers
  • Quick & Easy Call Management
  • Call Tracking in Podio
  • Call Recording
  • Inbound & Outbound Text Messaging
  • Mobile Phone Connection through 3rd party apps
  • Simplified Billing
  • Dedicated In-Podio Support
  • Comprehensive I.V.R. Capability

The PRO plan 


  • All Standard Features
  • Unlimited Users
  • 5 FREE US/Canada Local Numbers
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Whispering
  • Call Barging
  • Warm Transfers
  • Conference Calling
  • Access to Pro Plugins

The Enterprise plan

This is a custom plan designed to fit your specific requirements.Our team will create a plan tailored to your business. We’re happy to speak with you about your needs! Our system is designed to scale as large as you want to go, but for larger accounts we’ll likely need to customize your support and dedicate some resources to you, so please contact us to discuss by using the chat icon in bottom right corner.

Your smrtPhone Balance

In order to make/receive calls or texts, and to pay for the numbers you have in your account, you will need to have a pre-paid balance of credit loaded into your system. This is visible on your dashboard.

If you run out of credit your account will be suspended from activity until you top up again.

Please note: Calling/SMS credits are PrePaid and you need to TopUp your account in order to make and receive calls/SMS.

To get our updated prices please head over to our Pricing page

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