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How Much Does it Cost to Communicate from smrtPhone?
How Much Does it Cost to Communicate from smrtPhone?

Call rates vary from country to country and they also depend on the options you select

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Call charges are priced per minute.

The costs vary from country to country and also depend on whether the call is inbound (you receive a call) or outbound (you make a call), whether it’s made using your added device (cell phone) or the web phone, and whether you choose to record the call or not. However, the variants between these options are minor, oftentimes a fraction of a cent.

Calls that are forwarded to your cell phone or landline through smrtPhone have an added cost, as you must make an additional outbound call from smrtPhone to your cell phone every time you receive a call. The standard rates apply. 

To get detailed information on call rates for different countries and also additional call services. For current pricing, please visit the pricing page of our website. For calls within the U.S., we have a US specific pricing guide to account for legal and regulatory fees.

Phone Calls

Yes, the basic call is starting at $0.02. However, the cost per call might vary depending on several factors, such as:

  • Call's nature - If that is an outgoing/outbound or an incoming/outbound call, the price might vary because they are charged differently, from $0.025/minute

  • Pro Dialing - With smrtPhone Pro, you can turn Pro Dialing on or off. With the Pro Dialing function turned on, the price is different from a basic phone call

  • Recording - If you choose to record the conversation you have, this will add to the phone call cost - from $0.005/minute (along with any other options listed)

  • Conference calls - Each additional line that is brought in will add to the cost of the call

  • International Phone Calls - These phone calls fall under a different rate sheet, and will depend on which country the calls are going to or coming from.

  • Regional taxes - Sometimes, the region or state you call to or are called from might have different taxes per phone call

  • A.I. Detection - When this function is turned on, the fee for this will add to your call charge (smrtDialer only)


An outgoing SMS containing 160 characters or less is charged from $0.0113/text. If your text is longer than 160 characters, is going to be charged accordingly.

Inbound SMS are free of charge.

Video Calls

With a smrtPhone Pro subscription, video calling under 30 minutes with only 2 participants and no recordings, is free. You also can get advanced features (paid) if you decide to add more people to your conference, and the costs are changing. Again, for the features used additionally, when using the Video Calling function from smrtPhone, the costs may vary:

  • This is the video pricing that is hard-coded into the product:

    • $0.0042 per participant, per minute

    • $0.014 per recorded minute

    • $0.0031 per minute of video calling storage

This can be breakdown into a simple working logic:

  • Once 30 minutes are passed on a 1:1 video call, the video call charging starts

  • Once a third participant is added, the video call charging starts, for all participants (the host is also considered a participant, along with the ones who join them)

  • Once the recording is started, the video call charging starts with the recording fee per minute

Hence, depending on how many options and features are active during that call, their fees will add up to the final call charge. An inbound standard call with no recording will definitely cost less than a pro, outbound call with the recording function activated.

You can also check the Call Logs, SMS Logs and Video Logs menus in your smrtPhone account to see the actual prices for every call/SMS that you make or receive.

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