How to Barge into a Call (Pro Feature)

How to create a 3-way call between you, another User, and whoever is on the line using the Barge Feature

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The Barge feature allows a Pro Subscriber with applicable permissions to join an active call on their Account. When joining, a conference call will be created between two users and the person on the line. For example: a Supervisor, an Agent, and a Lead.

To use these features, you must have Pro Dialing turned ON.

  • Outbound Calls - Pro Dialing (which includes Barge) can be turned on from Account Settings

  • Inbound Calls - Pro Dialing can be turned on from Call Flows

In order to Barge into a call, you need to have granted permission and then go to:

Admin Dashboard > Call Monitoring > Live Calls.

From here, click the Barge button related to the call that you want to enter. 

To exit the call, simply click the red Exit button. If you want to join again to this call, start over with any option you want.

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