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How the Whisper Message Feature Works (Dial Applet Options) - Call Flows
How the Whisper Message Feature Works (Dial Applet Options) - Call Flows

How to customize the message your users will hear when a call is routed to them

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The Whisper Message feature in the Dial Applet is a powerful tool that prepares your users to answer calls as effectively as possible.

Once activated and your smrtPhone user answers a call, they will hear a message containing important call data. While the Whisper message is playing, the caller will hear ringing.

Even though they have answered, agents must Press 1 for the call to be fully connected. If your user does not Press 1, the call will not connect and will advance as designed in the call flow. The user can Press 1 at any time during the Whisper message to connect the call.

This feature used to be called Announce the User and was set to say This is a call for [user] at [receiving number]. To accept, Press 1.

With the upgraded Whisper feature, you can customize the message to include helpful call information.

Customizable Variables in the Dial Applet Whisper Feature

The Whisper Message will be read in a robot voice, and it can be completely customized. You can insert any of the following variables:

  • %name% - The name of the agent/user

  • %from% - The caller's number

  • %to% - To number

  • %toName% - The name of the number called (helpful if you have a friendly name set to identify tracking numbers)

  • %teamName% - The name of the team called, if any

You must use the % sign before and after the variable to ensure the data is dynamically inserted.

You have the option to de-select "Press 1 to Accept" though we recommend keeping it, so agents always understand how to connect. They can Press 1 at any time during the whisper message to be connected.

The variable list is visible from within the dial applet if you roll over the tooltip question mark icon (Variables list❓)

When Pro Dialing is active for a user, this function is no longer available. If you want to use the Whisper feature, you need to toggle off the Pro Dialing.

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