Getting Contacts into smrtPhone

To get contact lists into smrtPhone, you simply upload them into your CRM.

smrtPhone is integrated with your CRM, and automatically syncs your contacts - including into our mobile app, so you can take your contacts on the go!

Add a Contact from within smrtPhone

You have the option on a live call to Add Contact to your CRM when you are using smrtPhone on your computer.

Click the 3 dots next to the caller ID on the dialer - while in a call or after the call - and then select "Create Contact/Lead".

Also, in the newly open tab with the existing record for the caller - you can update the fields to include missing information, such as name.

Podio Users: Important information regarding how to load contacts

Uploading a List into Podio

It's very important that you load your contacts into the Workspace and Contact App associated with your smrtPhone account. You must have a unified phone number field to ensure all phone numbers are synced properly.

To see an example of uploading a contact list into Podio that we created for smrtDialer tutorial, click here. It is the same process for smrtPhone, but you must select the appropriate workspace and Contacts App that is connected to your smrtPhone.

Creating a Single New Contact in Podio

Create a single new contact record in the Podio Contact App associated with smrtPhone. Click on the green button and complete the fields. Once it is saved, it will sync with smrtPhone.

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