<< How to send an outgoing text Message within Left Main

Incoming text messages can be routed to an individual user's inbox or a group inbox, depending on how your SMS Flows are configured by Administrators.

Users of smrtPhone can access their SMS/text messages within Left Main or from within any smrtPhone platform. Only Administrators of the smrtPhone account can review the full history of inbound and outbound messages for the entire Account via SMS Logs.

Many Ways to Read Text Messages

Your received text messages are found in your Inbox or Group Inbox to which you belong. The Inbox is accessible several ways:

  • Inside your smrtPhone dialer, accessed by the “📞 Phone” button in the lower left of your Left Main window.

  • The Inbox tab within your Chrome Extension window, when you click on the triangle icon in the upper right of your browser (available from any tab)

  • Within the smrtPhone Web App at https://phone.smrt.studio/inbox

  • Inside the smrtPhone Mobile App

Receiving Text Messages within Left Main

If your smrtPhone is open within Left Main: for each new text message received, you will see a small notification on your inbox including a preview of the message. You can click the preview to read the entire message.

The content of an inbound text can be found in both your smrtPhone dialer Inbox and in the Comments within your Tasks.

You can also view your text logs in two locations including:

  • On the right side of your Dashboard in Today’s Tasks

  • In the Activity section of the respective lead who messaged you

SMS Logs

Administrators of your smrtPhone account can access logs of all inbound and outbound calls and SMS/Text Messages for the entire account.

Next Steps: Where to find Call/text Logs.

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