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Can you send emojis with smrtPhone?
Can you send emojis with smrtPhone?

Yes! When sending an SMS/Text message through the Web App, Chrome Extension and Mobile Phone, emojis are supported by smrtPhone

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smrtPhone supports sending emojis from all our dialers: Web App, Chrome Extension, Mobile App, and Salesforce CTI Dialer (for Salesforce Users.) Sending emojis via smrtPhone texting is easy! 🀳 πŸ’―

Sending emojis in Web App / Chrome Extension (and Salesforce)

In your Web App and in the Chrome Extension dialer, you can use the emoji keyboard offered by your computer's operating system.

  • Click in the text box where you type your message

  • Right click - this will bring up a menu of options.

  • At the top, it will say Emoji (Windows) or Emojis & Symbols (Mac OS) - Select this option.

  • Scroll through the emoji list offered by your operating system. There's an additional search option using keywords to find an emoji even faster.

  • Select the one you'd like to send and it will be automatically inserted into your SMS/Text message.

This "right click" option is also how you'll select and insert an emoji from the smrtPhone CTI dialer in Salesforce.

Sending emojis from the Mobile App

Our Mobile App allows you to send emojis just like you would with your native messaging app. All you have to do is to find the emoji button on your phone's keyboard, select the one you want, and press send!

πŸ”₯ Tip: An alternative to right-clicking or using an emoji keyboard is to copy and paste an emoji or symbol from somewhere else -- try it out!

Get creative and expressive with emojis in smrtPhone -- and have fun! ✨ πŸ€— πŸ™Œ

πŸ“ž Happy Phoning! 🀳

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