A2P 10 DLC comes at this point with two options to meet your needs: Starter Plan and Standard Plan.

Choosing the best one that suits you depends on a few key factors. Before you apply to one, ask yourself:

  • How many messages do I anticipate sending daily?

    • if the answer is below 3000 messages/day- then you might choose Starter Plan

    • if the answer is above 3000 messages/day - then you might choose the Standard plan

  • How many different types of texting do I need for my business?

    • if the answer is one - choose a Starter, it puts all of your texts into one campaign type, the "Starter" type, which is a mixed use campaign category.

    • if the answer is more - choose a Standard, it allows you to have unlimited campaigns

  • How many phone numbers would I like to have A2P text enabled on my account?

    • if the answer is 5 or fewer - choose a Starter Plan

    • if the answer is more than 5 - choose a Standard Plan

But what happens if you text fewer than 3000 messages per day that fall into one category type of text campaigns but want to be able to send and receive texts on more than 5 phone numbers?

The challenge comes when you fall into Starter for one category but Standard for another. If this is the case for you, we recommend you register for a Standard plan, choose the "Mixed Use" campaign type, and assign all of your phone numbers there.

This is favorable to sending unregistered messages from additional phone numbers in terms of deliverability confidence. Carriers have intimated they will begin filtering unregistered messages in the coming months.

Over time, you can monitor your text messaging usage and see if it makes sense to break your texting into different types of campaigns or even downgrade to a Starter Plan to save the monthly maintenance fees.

If you need more information on this issue, check out our articles about A2P 10 DLC registration, campaigns, and more.

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