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Mandatory Steps in Buying International Phone Numbers
Mandatory Steps in Buying International Phone Numbers

How to unlock the ability to purchase or dial international phone numbers

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For U.S.-based companies that wish to purchase phone numbers in other countries, you must first complete a Trust Center business profile.

Once your profile is approved, adding international phone numbers is as easy as clicking a button.

Due to new regulations, some countries require proof of a valid address and identification to buy a number. Once you are verified, you can purchase additional numbers in an instant with the help of our Support Team.

We’ve made the number-purchasing process as smooth (and quick) as possible. Simply click to add a new number, search by country and number type, and if desired, select the area code you’re looking for. If we can’t provide numbers in the selected area code, we’ll give you some alternatives.

Once you’ve purchased a number, it’s immediately available in your account, and you can create Call Flows to specify how you want calls to this number handled.

To buy an international number or unlock international calling the Account Owner must follow two important steps:

How Can I Verify my Business Identity?

By registering within the Trust Center, you're essentially providing verification that you are who you say you are. There are many benefits to registering in the Trust Center, besides being able to call internationally. For the sake of this article -- that's what we'll be focusing on!

Anyone who is not registered will not be able anymore to make international calls. This is a national measure of security, and we all must comply.

International dialing is only available for verified and trusted clients, so register today!

How Do I Get a Non-U.S. Number?

Once you're verified in the Trust Center, you must contact Support to enable international calling. Reach out to our team on chat weekdays from 9 AM to 9 PM ET, and they'll get you set up quickly.

Head to our documentation regarding buying non-US phone numbers for a better understanding of how this process works.

👁‍🗨 Quick Reminder of What to Do:

  • Register in the Trust Center

  • Contact Support to enable use of International Numbers

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