As of July 1, 2022, smrtPhone is moving away from the restrictions of having only three types of "Roles" within the platform: Account Owner, Administrator, and User. This was motivated by client feedback requesting greater control over how assign smrtPhone responsibilities to their team.

Account Owners will continue to have the ultimate authority and have full access to all settings and permissions within the platform.

For the rest of the Users on your account, you have the option to toggle on/off over a dozen individual permissions. This gives you more flexibility and greater control over who can update which parts of the system. Now you get to choose the job description for who you would call your smrtPhone Administrators or Managers.

Users who are given no additional permissions will interact with smrtPhone/smrtDialer as they did as a simple User in the past. There will be no change in these Users' experience.

For current clients who had Users marked as Administrators before this change, they will default to having the same permissions they had before - and you have the option to give them even more control or remove permissions.

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