How to Configure User Settings

Learn how to modify the access and control your Users have within your smrtPhone account.

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As an Account Owner, you have complete authority over how your Users interact with and use your smrtPhone account. Users may require a unique combination of access and permissions, which User Settings enable.

Access User Settings by heading over to Admin > Users, or use the Users Quick Links from the Dashboard. Choose the User whose settings you want to customize by pressing the gear icon ⚙.

Here you find Settings, Geo Caller ID, and VoIP configuration, as well as User Details such as email, the associated CRM Account, and smrtPhone login credentials.

Many of these settings are only accessible to the Account Owner and Users with appropriate permissions.

⚙ Settings

The Settings tab is focused on setting the control Users have over the dialers and call engine.

Caller ID

  • Default caller ID - A specific phone number to be used as the default Outbound Caller ID per agent.

  • Caller ID Change - Toggling this ON gives permission to your User to change the number used for Outbound calls. Otherwise, they must use the default number assigned to them.

The system allows Users to be confined to one Caller ID or have access to all. It is on our roadmap to create the ability to assign a smaller subset of numbers to a User. Call Settings

Call Settings

You can select if your User will use the global default for your company, or a custom setup.

  • Geo Caller Id (Pro feature) - In smrtPhone Pro, Geo Caller ID uses rules you set to automatically select the best number from your portfolio based on the number you are trying to call/text.

  • Pro Dialing (Pro feature) - Choose whether to enable Pro Dialing features on outbound calls for this User, allowing you to supervise the account.

  • Sticky Caller ID - When calling out, this feature automatically assigns the last logged Caller ID that was used to communicate with a particular contact on a connected call (answered or voicemail).

  • Show Caller Call Statuses- Choose whether to show call statuses upon finalizing a call for the sake of categorizing the call status.

Permissions and Roles

You have granular control over which permissions your Users have. Either toggle on their access to entire categories (Finance & Billing, Activity Management, Account Management) or manually choose which permissions in each section your Users should have access to.

  • Finance and Billing - These permissions have to do with viewing usage, changing subscription levels, controlling auto top-up, and updating payment methods.

  • Activity Management - Activity Management includes the ability to update Users and Groups, buy and view Phone Numbers, View the Reporting Center, and more.

  • Account Management - Permissions include editing Account Settings, managing plugins, Call Recordings, and access to the Media Manager.

    Learn more about how to Customize User Permissions ⇢

🌎 Geo Caller ID

Geo Caller ID (Pro feature) uses settings you pre-determine to automatically select the best number from your portfolio to reach the number you are trying to call or text.

This is a great feature for when your location (as evidenced by area code) is a factor in whether your contact will answer your call.

From the Geo Caller ID Settings, you can select:

  • Default Geo ID - The number that will be used when the system can't match the outgoing number to a configured country or area.

  • Duplicated Configuration - Replace all the current Geo Caller ID configurations for this particular User from another selected User.

  • Area Code Matching - If you want to cover all area codes in a metro region using the same phone number, you must enter each area code and then the phone number you want to be used.

  • Country Number Matching - You can do the same thing for country codes by selecting what number to be used when dialing a specific country prefix.

☎ VoIP Configuration

VoIP - Voice over IP Configuration can be accessed by clicking the third tab.

You can toggle this on or off, depending on what you need. It's here that you will see such details as SIP Domain, User name, and the option to change your password.

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