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Get smrtPhone notifications in a dedicated Slack channel

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You can have your smrtPhone notifications sent directly to a pre-determined Slack channel with the smrtPhone Slack plugin and a few simple setup steps.

The notifications you can have sent include:

  • Incoming Call

  • Outgoing Call

  • Call Completed

  • Incoming SMS

  • Outgoing SMS

Clicking on these notifications takes you directly to the item within the smrtPhone Web App.

Our Slack integration is available for anyone who has a Pro subscription, and it is especially ideal for Users who were invited to the smrtPhone account via email and have no access to the CRM.

If you are a Pro subscriber with permission to access the Admin panel, the Slack plugin can be accessed from the Marketplace inside smrtPhone platform.


Access the Slack plugin from smrtPhone Dashboard > Admin > Marketplace.

Once you access it, start customizing it. You need to follow a few important steps.

Create Slack Channel

Before anything, create a Slack channel where you want the notifications to be sent once the setup is completed. Here are some small steps to follow:

  1. Create the Slack Channel on Slack

    Head to your Slack and create a channel you want to use from now on to receive the notifications. Give it an appropriate name that is easily recognizable among your other channels or conversations.

  2. Create Slack App

    Once you have created your Slack channel, head to the website Slack API > Create new App. Select to create a new app from scratch, then give it a name, and then pick the smrtPhone Workspace. Click on the Create App. We suggest using the same name you used for the Slack Channel, for easier recognition.

  3. Create Scopes

    After you finish the app creation, head to Permissions > Scopes > Add an OAuth Scope. Here, you have to fill in the fields with the exact next options:


    Hit the above button, Install to Workspace. You will be asked for permission to access Slack, press Allow.

  4. Slack Integration

    Once you finish this step, access your Slack > The channel you created > Integrations > Add App and install the App you just created on the Slack website.

  5. Get the API Token

    Head back to Slack web and get the Token you are going to use on the smrtPhone platform. Head to OAuth & Permissions and copy the Token.

Plugin Setup

Once the Slack configuration is completed, access the Slack plugin from the smrtPhone Dashboard > Admin > Marketplace to configure the integration on the smrtPhone platform too.

Press Configure, and then:

  • Copy-Paste the (Slack) API Token - It is the Token you just accessed above from OAuth & Permissions. You must have the appropriate permissions inside Slack to access the token; please check the Slack guides if you need more information on this matter. You might want to save this API Token, in case you want to reconfigure the plugin.

  • Copy-Paste the Slack channel - The name of the channel you just created in Slack, for the system to know where to push the notifications from smrtPhone or insert the Channel ID. To get the channel ID, head to your Slack, click on the channel, and then click top right. The Channel ID is going to be in the About section, left bottom.

    When adding the Channel ID, make sure you first add #, like in the screenshot below:

    # channel's name

  • Toggle on the notifications you want to receive. You can come back and toggle them on/off depending on what you need.

  • Press Save

In case you want to change some options, you can come back, select Reset Credentials, and start over.

Accessing Marketplace requires some specific permissions in the smrtPhone Account.


From this moment on, any event that occurs on your smrtPhone account—the ones you selected in the previous configuration—will trigger a notification in your Slack channel.

Any Slack notification can be clicked on, and you can also see the event in your smrtPhone Account. Note that it will be shown as a single event, as filtered. If you want to see it among other logs, simply click Reset filters.

  • Incoming Call / Outgoing Call / Call Completed - See the event in Call Logs

  • Incoming SMS / Outgoing SMS - See the event in your Inbox, the related conversation will open.

Of course, users with CRM access can see the notifications in their CRM too. The Slack integration is available for all current integrated CRMs as long as the user has a Pro subscription.

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