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How to View Call or Lead in CRM from the smrtPhone Dialer or Chrome Extension
How to View Call or Lead in CRM from the smrtPhone Dialer or Chrome Extension

Access a menu of options from a live call to get more information

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While you are on an active call in smrtPhone from the regular Dialer or the smrtPhone Chrome Extension, you have the option to flip directly to CRM and either view the call or view the lead.

When you click the 3 dots next to the Contact Name or Phone Number (⋮), you will get a menu of options, including:

  • Mark as Spam - Add the number to your Spam List

  • Add to DNC - Add the number to your DNC List

  • View Call in CRM - Views call in your respective CRM

  • View Lead in CRM - View lead in your respective CRM (this option only appears if the lead is saved as a contact in your CRM)

  • Rename Contact/Lead - Edit the contact

  • Create Contact - Create a Contact directly if the number is not within your contacts/leads

This is what the menu looks like when the number you are on a call with is saved in your Contact/Leads app:

(Disclaimer: Podio CRM used for reference)

☁️ Salesforce Users: When looking for an existing contact, the system will search for Opportunity first, then the Account tab, and lastly in Leads. If it does not find a lead, it will create one in the Leads tab. If you manually create a duplicate, this will be the respected order.

Every time you convert a contact, it migrates from Leads to Opportunities.

Opportunities has priority when it comes to communication logs.

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