While you are on an active call in smrtPhone from the regular Dialer or the smrtPhone Chrome Extension, you have the option to flip directly to CRM and either view the call or view the lead.

When you click the 3 dots next to the Contact Name or Phone Number () you will get a menu of options including:

  • Mark as Spam - will add the number to your Spam List

  • Add to DNC

  • View Call in CRM - will take you to your dedicated place for your contacts/leads*

  • View Lead in CRM - an option that appears if the contact is within your contacts/leads

  • Rename Contact/Lead - allows you to edit the contact

  • *Create Contact - an option that appears if the number is not within your contacts/leads

This is what the menu looks like when the number you are on a call with is not in your Contact/Leads specific app:

(Disclaimer: Podio CRM used for reference, still the same functionality for all CRMs

*Note: at this moment, InvestorFuse Users can only see Contacts in their CRM, but not Calls.)

Note: Salesforce Users: When looking for an existing contact, the system will search for Opportunity first, then the Account tab second, and if it doesn't find it should look for it in Leads.

If it doesn't find a lead it should create a lead in the Leads Tab. If you manually create duplicates, while searching, this will still be the respected order.

Every time you convert a contact, it migrates from Leads to Opportunities.

Opportunities has priority when comes to communication logs.

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