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How make voice calls inside Salesforce

How to place a call, answer a call, and adjust your call settings for smrtPhone inside Salesforce

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Making and Receiving Voice Calls with smrtPhone

The smrtPhone platform provides multiple ways to make and receive voice calls. This article covers the specifics of how to make and answer a call from within Salesforce. (Skip ahead to that part )

First, we want to quickly review all of the ways you can handle voice calls across the entirety of the smrtPhone ecosystem.

Ways to Make Outbound Phone Calls using smrtPhone

  • Inside Salesforce: Call from your smrtPhone dialer in Salesforce, accessed by the “📞 Phone” button in the lower left corner of your window OR by clicking the phone number from a contact record. (see detailed instructions below)

  • Chrome Extension: Once properly installed and pinned, you can click the dialer open from the upper right corner of your browser.

  • Web App: Log in directly to smrtPhone and click open the dialer from the blue button at the top of the screen.

  • Mobile App: Open the smrtPhone app on your iPhone or Android device and place a call from the home screen.

Ways to Receive Phone Calls using smrtPhone

Calls are routed to users via Call Flows. Calls can ring to individual users or to groups of users. Users can receive calls placed to multiple phone numbers. Users with applicable Activity Management permissions select which numbers will be routed to which User(s). But Users decide where within smrtPhone the calls will ring and be answered. Users can also decline or ignore incoming calls.

  • Inside Salesforce. If you are logged in to Salesforce, the dialer will pop up from the lower left with incoming calls.

  • Chrome Extension. A small banner will dropdown from the Chrome Extension icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome Browser.

  • smrtPhone Web App. If you are logged in to smrtPhone from a browser tab, the dialer will extend down when there is an incoming call.

  • Mobile App. If you are logged in and active on the smrtPhone Mobile App, you can answer inbound calls from your smartphone.

How to Dial an Outbound Call in Salesforce

There are two easy ways to place an outbound call using smrtPhone within your Salesforce window:

  1. Clicking the “📞 Phone” button in the lower left corner to open the smrtPhone dialer. Search for a contact name or type a number and press the green Call button.

  2. Clicking on any Lead/Contact phone number directly from that contact record. This will automatically pop up the smrtPhone window and dial that number. When smrtPhone is installed within your Salesforce all phone numbers will be hyperlinked and clickable to dial.

Wherever a phone number is displayed, whether it’s on your Opportunities, Accounts or Tasks page, it’s available for making an outbound call.

How to Answer an Incoming Call in Salesforce

Answering an inbound call is really easy in Salesforce.

Inbound calls will pop up the dialer from the bottom left of the screen.

You can:

  • Answer the Call

  • Reject the Call

  • View the Contact in Salesforce

You can see the number your contact dialed in the Caller ID space in the lower left of the dialer window.

Call Controls

While you’re on a call, you have all of your favorite smrtPhone call features available.

All smrtPhone Users:

  • Mute

  • Cold transfer

  • Keypad (to navigate a phone menu)

  • Call Notes - to be taken during the call or upon call completion (or both!)

And, if you're a smrtPhone Pro user, all of the above plus:

  • Conference Calling and Warm Transfer through the “Add Call” button

  • Hold functionality

After a call is completed, you’re given several options how to manage this contact under the “Actions” drop-down menu:

  • Mark as Spam - which adds number to your blocked list)

  • Create Contact - creating a new entry within your CRM

  • Update Contact - adds the phone number to an existing Lead/Contact.

You can also continue to finalize any notes necessary for the call.

Any notes taken during (or directly after) a call will be automatically logged and visible in Tasks. Once you click “Finalize Call”, it will prompt you to select a call status such as Answered, Busy, etc.

Learn how to customize your call statuses by reading this article here: Create custom Call Statuses

You can now see all of the call details within your Salesforce setup. In the Leads tab, a record will automatically be created for any phone number that is not in your Contacts or Opportunities. It will be saved with an Unknown Name, which can be changed from Lead Information.

You can also choose to create a lead for any incoming call which is not within your leads and/or to let any created task for new leads be automatically marked as completed.

If it is toggled "Off", the Lead will not be created for unknown callers and you have to complete the tasks manually.

This setting can be found on the right panel, under Admin Settings -> Salesforce Setup:

For outgoing calls to numbers that do not currently exist in Leads, there is a standalone task created in the Tasks app, but it is not related to a lead.

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