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How do I Change my Email/my Name in smrtPhone?
How do I Change my Email/my Name in smrtPhone?

Unless you are a Podio user, smrtPhone support can help you change your name or email within your smrtPhone account

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If you need to change the email or your name on your smrtPhone user account, you must get in touch with our Support Team.

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The Exception - Connected Podio Users

The one situation where users can change their own email and/or name listed in smrtPhone is if you are a Podio user, and you have your smrtPhone account connected with your Podio account.

If you meet these criteria, you can change your name or email in smrtPhone by updating them within the connected Podio account.

Go to Podio -> My Account -> My Profile -> Edit My Profile make your changes, and hit Save.

The next step then is to log out of smrtPhone and log back into it by using the Log in with Podio option so that the name updates into smrtPhone.

Because smrtPhone takes this information directly from the linked Podio profile, any changes will also reflect on the linked smrtPhone account after this quick refresh.

❗If you are a smrtPhone User who got their invitation via email, please contact smrtPhone Support to change your information. Or, you can request that your manager allow you to connect your smrtPhone account to the integrated Podio account.

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