How do I Register for A2P 10DLC - Low Volume Plan?

The Low Volume Plan allows up to 50 registered phone numbers/campaign and 6000 messages per day under one "Mixed Use" use case type

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The Low Volume Plan is intended for sole proprietors/free agents and small businesses. It provides simple access to A2P 10DLC for businesses with lower volumes of daily text messages to prospects and customers.

  • Up to 50 phone numbers can be registered per campaign

  • Up to 6000 messages per day (across all phone numbers) - but only 2000 messages to T-Mobile/Sprint customers.

  • All Low Volume Plan use cases are considered "mixed-use" - a combination of conversational, marketing/promotional, or customer/account care.

We have capped the phone numbers per campaign to 50 due to T-Mobile's limitations.

Create Your Trust Center Profile

You cannot move forward with A2P 10DLC registration without an approved Trust Center profile. It takes approximately 8 business days for company verification. Once you have your business profile approved, the LVSP is soon to be approved, and you can proceed with creating campaigns.

If you already have an approved Trust Center Profile, continue on.

How to Register for the Low Volume Plan

There are two steps to get going with a Low Volume Plan

  1. Get your Brand/Company approved as an A2P sender on a Low Volume Plan

  2. Add the phone numbers you'd like to use to text

Become Low Volume Plan Approved

Start in the Trust Center and press the blue Register button in the A2P section:

The Low Volume Option

Create a Low Volume Business Profile by adding:

  • Company Type

  • Stock Exchange (only for public companies)

  • Stock Ticker (only for public companies)

Press Submit for review. Approval or denial should take only a few minutes since your Business Profile is already approved at this step.

To submit your request, you need to confirm the charge for the registration.

Once confirmed, your request is sent for approval.

Add Phone Numbers to Your Low Volume Plan

Once you are approved, you must select which phone numbers you'd like to use and start creating a campaign by clicking the green button + New Campaign.

You may edit the phone numbers listed on your Low Volume Plan - add/remove numbers as needed.

The waiting period will increase by up to 10 days when your phone numbers are added for validation. A phone number also re-enters the validation process if you choose to remove it or shift it from one campaign to another.

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