I want to cancel. How do I do that?

Cancellation is permanent. Yet, you can upgrade/downgrade your subscription plan and keep the progress your business made with smrtPhone.

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For account cancelation, you can find the button here: head to the Account menu (upper right corner) > Billings and Logs and there will see the Cancel subscription button.

You may want to read this article here, to see the entire process: How to cancel your smrtPhone Account >> Here you are provided with all steps of this process, and the aftermath.

Canceling your smrtPhone account triggers canceling smrtDialer subscription too since our power dialer cannot function without a smrtPhone subscription.

Note: to cancel the smrtPhone subscription you have to be the Account Owner.

For the smrtDialer subscription: Account menu (upper right corner) -> Billings and Logs -> Products and there will see the Cancel smrtDialer subscription button.

The system will register your request and trigger the Account deletion along with all the information stored by and for you, including logs, phone numbers, or balance.

Also, please keep in mind that we have alternatives for your subscription and you might want to reconsider and simply upgrade/downgrade to meet your needs.

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