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Why do I get an A2P Warning Message?
Why do I get an A2P Warning Message?

What does it mean to be "not authorized for A2P text messages"? and how do I fix it?

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If you notice a warning message across the top of your dashboard or inside your Web App Inbox that states:

This account is not authorized for A2P Messaging. Your text messages are at risk of not being received by the intended contact

it means that your account has not yet completed the process for becoming an authorized sender of business text messages, also known as A2P 10DLC.

Mobile carriers in the U.S. have implemented new consumer protections that will weed out unsolicited text messages, and require businesses to follow the TCPA rules for text message consent. Mobile carriers can detect if a message was sent from a VoIP /cloud software platform (smrtPhone and others) and they have decided to classify all of those messages as being business-related.

They are requiring companies to verify their business identity before they can ensure deliverability. Messages that are sent through software applications that are not from verified senders will be subject to filtering. That means the recipient might receive your message with a bold warning saying it is possibly spam or they might not receive your message at all and you would have no idea. No error message is returned from the carrier for filtered messages.

The only way to ensure your messages avoid this kind of filtering is to register in the smrtPhone Trust Center for A2P 10DLC, verifying your company's contact information and identifying which phone numbers you use for texting.

Registering to Trust Center and A2P10DLC considerably decreases the risk of failing message reception.

If you have issues, please contact our Support Team via live chat, and they can assist you.

Registering to A2P 10DLC does not imply that you can break the law. Your texting is still monitored by carriers and any fraudulent action will be charged.

Fines are applied by individual violation and range from $500 to $2000.

Also, any fine that smrtPhone will incur based on your action, will be also your responsibility.

A2P Warnings and What They Mean

While on the Dashboard, if you are not registered to an A2P10DLC profile, you might encounter some warning notifications.


⚠ Get Verified

In this case, you are not registered at all to any A2P 10DLC plans. You can use the blue button Get Verified to proceed with a simple verification. After registering, this message will be replaced with the new current status.

πŸ•’ Waiting for verification

Now, you have submitted your Profile for verification. You can still use the smrtPhone features (including texting) while you're waiting for confirmation.

πŸ•’ Select an A2P 10DLC plan

Once your Profile has been approved, you can now proceed and choose an A2P plan.

This warning message will show up on your dashboard while you are waiting for plan approval from our providers. Continue running your business as usual.

πŸ“ž Create Campaign

Once you get this warning message, register your first A2P campaign within the chosen plan. This means sharing what kind of messages you will be sending.

Up until the approval of your Campaign, you will see this notice on your dashboard:

πŸ“ž Set Caller IDs

After Campaign validation, you can set the Caller IDs (from your smrtPhone phone number portfolio) that you'll be using in this A2P 10 DLC Campaign. You can have up to 50 phone numbers per campaign. We advise you to register all your numbers to increase the rate of deliverability.

We have capped the phone numbers per campaign to 50 due to T-Mobile's limitations.

βœ… Process completed

This is the last warning message that you receive during this process of A2P 10 DLC validation. This means that your Profile, Plan, Campaign, and Caller IDs have been verified and approved. Click Dismiss and this will clear out your dashboard.

In all scenarios, our documentation is available for both users and Account Owners. You can find the information you need by clicking the Learn more button found in each warning message or on this link: A2P10DLC - Business Texting with Local Phone Numbers β‡’

You need an approved Trust Center business profile before you can register for an A2P plan. If you do not yet have one, the Get Verified button for A2P takes you to the general Trust Center page to begin that process.

How to View Which Numbers Are Text Compliant

From the Admin Dashboard > Phone Numbers table, there is a column that indicates text compliance for both local numbers and Toll-Free.

βœ… The green dash informs you that the number is registered.

πŸŸ₯ The red notification informs you that your number must be assigned to an A2P 10 DLC campaign, or else the messages are at risk of not getting received.

For Local numbers, you register through the Trust Center. For Toll-Free numbers, you must work with our Support Team to get them registered.

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