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New smrtDialer Interface & Functionality
New smrtDialer Interface & Functionality

In December 2022, we launched a significant upgrade to the smrtDialer User experience to smrtPhone clients. General release in 2023.

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smrtDialer has received a significant upgrade to the User Interface (UI) and functionality that will improve the agent experience and provide better campaign tracking.

The main updates include:

  • Better layout, providing more information about active lines being dialed

  • Easier navigation for agents to move quickly through calls

  • Improved Lead Window for connected calls

  • New setting for light/dark theme

  • Enhanced campaign activity tracking and agent performance reporting

  • Ability to "go on break" and pause your dialing session without exiting.

  • Ability to send a text message from a live call or the call finalization screen

smrtDialer Reminders

If you need prior help in building a campaign, please check our documentation, where you can find information regarding:

Welcome to the New smrtDialer

When you first land on the smrtDialer page, you can see a short introductory video that briefly presents what's new. As you select to go into the new interface, you will be presented with a visual guide highlighting the main features of the new design.

This article, along with the video above, will present you some of the most important key points of smrtDialer's interface:

How to Access the New smrtDialer

Navigate to smrtDialer from the left menu as you always have and find the campaign you would like to dial.

Once you pressed the New Call Session you will see the option to try the new smrtDialer. If you decline, you can still use the legacy smrtDialer interface. (Please note that even if you agree, you can switch back to the "old" smrtDialer at any time.)

If you agree, you will be taken to the smrtDialer page where you will take part in a short visual guide over the features. After you finish the small tour, you can start dialing your smrtDialer Campaign with the brand new interface.

We recommend trying it on since in the campaign there is a button that allows you to switch back to the current version.

๐ŸŽ‰We appreciate any feedback on all aspects of the new smrtDialer ๐ŸŽ‰

Please provide feedback via our Support Chat.


After you landed on Campaign's window, you have a clear view over your Settings. Placed in the top right corner, the Settings' gear allows you to:

Option Bar

Across the top of the screen, you will see important information about the active campaign. This new interface tracks agent activity in a way that allows for better decisions on training, staffing, and campaign and list management.

There is a new option called "Go on a break" which agents can press when they need a pause. This helps parse agent activity more closely.

Next to your Campaign's name, is the Status of your Call session. There are five possible statuses:

  • Idle - nothing is happening

  • Dialing - the line(s) are active

  • Active Call/Talking - the agent is connected on a live line.

  • Finishing - the call has ended and the agent is entering notes or call statuses to finalize the call.

  • On Break - the agent is paused.

  • Finalize Time - the time spent on Notes and Call Statuses, the time between the moment you hung up and the Finalize Call action.

These will be tracked on each campaign, per session/agent that made a call session, along with the Break time.

It is also in the Option bar that you will find the Mute button.

When an agent selects to Go on a break, the system will track this break time, giving more detailed call session information and a better understanding of campaign/list performance. You can come back to your campaign by hitting the Resume button.

The final option in the Option bar is the Close Session button, which ends this session and takes you back to the list of Campaigns. We recommend clicking on the Close Session button prior to exiting the tab/browser, to ensure proper data tracking.

Dialing campaigns

To start a Campaign, simply click on the Start green button. Your Campaign will run as smoothly as you are used to.

Once a call is connected, you will see the progress on each line - in a multi-liner subscription case - and what the result is with each of outbound call.

If you need more help with Dialing smrtDialer Campaigns you can always check our documentation:

Options while running smrtDialer Campaigns - call connected

While on a call, the Lead Window will provide you with information regarding:

  • Lead information that was imported from CRM or uploaded file

  • Call Script (if set)

  • Your Caller ID - which of your smrtPhone numbers was used to connect to the lead, in case you need to provide it to them.

  • View Lead/View Call in CRM - will open the information in a new tab (Podio CRM used for demonstration)

  • Communication History (if any prior contact was made)

  • Action Bar across the top of the lead window:

    • โ˜Ž๏ธ Keypad - use the keyboard inside the smrtDialer whether using the mouse or your computer's keyboard.

    • โœ‰๏ธ Send SMS - send a text message while on a call, without leaving this window or hanging up the call.

    • โžฟ Drop Voicemail - in case you do not have A.I.Voice Detection on and you reached a leads's Voicemail, now you can drop yours manually.

    • ๐Ÿ“ž Transfer Call - smrtPhone Pro subscribers have the option of a warm transfer or group call. smrtPhone Standard subscribers can simply pass the call with a cold transfer.

    • โธ๏ธ Hold Call - the option to hold the current call. (Available for Pro subscribers)

    • โŒ Hang up - end a call at your convenience.

  • Notes - keep track of the lead's answers and information, for better informed follow up. This is where answers to the call script should be stored. These notes are pushed to CRM.

  • Push to CRM (if an Excel-based campaign)

  • Close the Call and add Call Statuses

Call Session Tracking

While Idle, you can check the status of this call session within the campaign window.

On the right side you have:

Overview - informing you of total session time, break time taken during this session, leads, lines, or progress.

Session Log: informing you about each lead's status called on this session.

When you decide to finish this Call Session and exit the Campaign, you can see the progress made in each of every sessions by clicking the name of the Agent who made the calls. You can find more information about Agent Tracker by reading this article here: Agent window in smrtDialer >>

Additional smrtDialer Resources

For any other details that you might need to fix, we invite you to read our Documentation on smrtDialer by accessing this Collection here: smrtDialer - Your Power Dialer >>

Furthermore, if you encounter any difficulties, the helpful ladies and gentlemen from our Support Team would be glad to assist you.

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