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How to setup smrtPhone for Forefront CRM and invite your Users.

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This is an outline of the steps to get smrtPhone working within your Forefront CRM. The links below bring you to the smrtPhone documentation portal for step-by-step instructions.

Getting Help

If you need help, please reach out to smrtPhone using the Chat feature from the documentation portal, smrtPhone website, Web App, and Mobile App (under Settings). Live Chat is available weekdays from 9 AM - 9 PM ET. After-hours messages are returned the next business day.

After you started your free trial, we will also give you a $7 credit to apply toward usage. The remainder of your usage will be your responsibility (call minutes, text messages, call recording, etc.) and will require maintaining a credit balance on your account.

Both the subscription and the credit balance are at the company account level, meaning all team members draw from the same pool.

This article will help you set up and activate smrtPhone in your Forefront CRM including:

Setting up a smrtPhone Account for use in Forefront CRM

Before you can use smrtPhone, you need a smrtPhone account with an active subscription. You can set up a new account by following these instructions here:

  1. Head to to start your Free Trial account.

  2. Fill in the form and click Start Your Free Trial at the bottom of the form.

  3. This will take you to the Connect CRM page.

  4. Once you have logged in you will be asked to select a plan and enter your credit card information (for usage and also for when you activate your subscription). This screen is also where you would enter any discount codes you may have received from Forefront CRM.

  5. ❗IMPORTANT: You will automatically be placed into a Trial Plan, which is a free 30-day subscription, but with limitations. To fully use the system and test the product, you must activate your subscription.

  6. The next step is to invite the Forefront team as a User with customized permissions into your smrtPhone account. (See Step C below) so they can complete the configuration for you.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with the beginner guide to smrtPhone. It will provide guidance with activities such as: how to buy numbers, how to configure flows for inbound calls and text messages, and how to manage users.

Invite new Users to smrtPhone

Once smrtPhone is connected to your Forefront CRM, you must invite your employees and agents and activate smrtPhone in their accounts.

Make sure you've added the designated Forefront contact as a User first, so they can help manage the setup for you.

Note: Users in smrtPhone (for the phone system and the power dialer) do not have to be members of your CRM system. For example, it is common for companies who use VAs to invite the agents only into smrtPhone to make the outbound calls and not have full visibility into the CRM.

How to Invite Users

You have two options to invite Users within smrtPhone: find them from the list of Users in your CRM workspace or invite them by email.

To invite new Users, you will access your smrtPhone Admin Dashboard -> Users -> Invite User.

You can choose to invite them by email or by searching your CRM members.

Also, you have the option to personalize the permissions from the moment you send this invitation. (You can update their permissions later if you want.) If you invite a user by email, you can also later connect them to your Forefront CRM; it's up to you.

After this step, you can track User invitations to check the status and also revoke/resend them if needed.

If you invited a User via email, the next step is up to them. They must accept the invitation and finalize the creation of their account. They will receive an email with the invitation and from there they will be directed to set up their User Account. Invitations will expire in 2 days' time.

If you invited a User by CRM, they will need to create their own smrtPhone Credentials. Yet, at this point, Forefront CRM users can only log in with smrtPhone Credentials.

Create smrtPhone credentials

To create or change your smrtPhone login credentials:

  • Log into the smrtPhone Web App Dashboard using the email address on which you received the invitation and the password given to you.

  • Go to your Account Menu in the upper right and select ⚙️ My Account.

  • On the General tab, you can set - to create credentials - or change your password.

You can then use these to log in to the Mobile App and the smrtPhone Chrome Extension.

The Chrome Extension is what enables click-to-call inside of Forefront from the smrtPhone perspective. Click-to-call settings are controlled inside of Forefront.

The Chrome Extension also allows you to access smrtPhone (connected to Forefront) from any tab - including answering/dialing voice calls, sending/reading text messages, listening to voicemail (individual and Team), and viewing/managing recent calls.

Log in

Log in on the Mobile App, Web App or Chrome Extension using the credentials created.

Fill the Email and Password fields or select your CRM and insert your smrtPhone credentials to log in into your account.

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