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A Guide to Setting Up Your smrtPhone Free Trial for Podio

1. Set up your Podio Workspace

  • Make sure you select a workspace that you have administrative rights to.

  • You must have a Contacts App, where your lead information is stored including name and phone numbers. (It's okay if it's called something else, as long as it functions like a typical contacts app)

  • The Contacts App must use a Podio phone number field (not a text field) to store phone numbers.

  • All phone numbers for the Contact must be within the single, unified phone number field (because that is where smrtPhone will look for syncing phone numbers)

2. Complete the Start Free Trial Form

You can get there from by clicking the green Start Trial button at the top. If you are coming to smrtPhone from an affiliate, make sure you use the affiliate's unique link, so you can be automatically credited to them.

Make sure your review our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy before submitting the form.

3. Connect your Podio System to smrtPhone

You must authorize smrtPhone to access your Podio system so we can sync contacts, call notes, and other important communications activity.

Click the "Connect to Citrix Podio" button, and click "Grant Access"

4. Sync your Contacts

Now that you've authorized smrtPhone to view your Podio system, you need to locate where your contacts app is. Use the drop down menus to select the Organization > Workspace > App to set where your contacts information resides.

Once the correct App is selected, you need to map the fields. Select which fields in the App match the fields smrtPhone needs. Name and Phone Number are required, but you can include additional fields:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Photo (optional)

  • Position - this is the contact's title (optional)

  • Company (optional)

Select "Save and Continue."

At this point, smrtPhone will begin the syncing process. If your Contacts database is large, this may take a few minutes.

5. Install smrtPhone Apps

smrtPhone requires a Communications App to be installed into the workspace that will enable call, text, and voicemail tracking.

Using the dropdown menu, select the same workspace in which your Contacts App resides.

6. Select a smrtPhone Plan

Yes, your smrtPhone trial is a free subscription. However, you need to select which plan you will sign up for when your account activates.

You can activate your account at any time during the trial. Or, when your trial ends, the subscription will automatically activate if you have not canceled.

To learn more about the smrtPhone plans, check out our website pricing comparison. If you select an annual billing, you receive 20% off subscription fees.

Now you must enter your credit card information. You will not be charged a subscription fee until your free trial ends either by manual activation or by the trial period ending. (You will not be charged a subscription fee at all if you cancel). We start your trial with a credit to allow you to secure a phone number and do some calls and send texts. Once that credit runs out, you will need to pay for usage, which is another reason we retain your credit card information from the start.

7. Do a Happy Dance 🕺

Congrats! You have now successfully created a smrtPhone account. We have placed a $7 credit on your account to purchase a phone number and become familiar with the system.

Here are our ideas of what to do next:

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If you need more information, you can access our Support and Help Documentation from the question mark icon❓in the upper right menu.

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