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New to smrtDialer? Start here! A Beginner's Guide to Creating Power Dialing Campaigns
New to smrtDialer? Start here! A Beginner's Guide to Creating Power Dialing Campaigns

An outline of important training guides and videos to get your smrtDialer campaigns running smoothly

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Welcome to Power Dialing with smrtDialer!

smrtDialer supercharges your smrtPhone system, increases your outbound calling rate, streamlines lead qualification, and fills your pipeline faster.

Two Main Ways to Build a smrtDialer Campaign:

  1. Excel Upload directly into smrtDialer - This is ideal for large lists of unqualified leads. These are for static/fixed lead lists.

  2. Pulling a list from your CRM - Clients typically use this type for follow-ups with warm leads or leads that have gone cold. These lead lists can be dynamic, depending on your CRM parameters.

The configuration of the call engine, call scripts, and filters/call statuses are the same between the two types. The main difference is: in the first type you don't waste any time loading cold leads into your CRM because only the opportunities vetted by your agents are added to your database. With the second option, it's possible to never hit the end of the list as it continues to populate as contacts are added to your CRM.

This new user guide will walk you through everything you need to get started with smrtDialer. It highlights some of the most important steps you need to take to build a campaignβ€”regardless of where the call list originatesβ€”and get your agents dialing!

To determine which type of smrtDialer Campaigns your CRM integration supports, see this article: What are my smrtDialer Capabilities β‡’

smrtDialer Basics

Understanding what the smrtDialer product is, how it's priced, and how it integrates with smrtPhone.

  • 🀨 What is the difference between smrtPhone and smrtDialer? smrtPhone is our cloud-based phone system. smrtDialer is the power dialer that allows you to create calling campaigns that automatically dial a predetermined list. You must have a smrtPhone subscription to use the smrtDialer power dialer.

  • ❓ What is the difference between Single line and Multi-line? With a single-line smrtDialer, the system will dial one contact at a time in an automated and efficient fashion. With multi-line, you can choose to dial up to four numbers/four leads at the same time - you are in control of the number of simultaneous calls.

  • πŸ’³ How does smrtDialer pricing work? Similar to smrtPhone, you pay a subscription fee either monthly or prepay for the year at a discounted rate and then you pay for the usage (call minutes, call recordings, etc.) The subscription itself is per seat.

  • πŸ’Ί How to assign Agents to seats. All users have access to smrtDialer, but only those assigned to a seat can dial campaigns. Each seat is "unnamed" giving your users flexibility in assigning agents.

Preparing to Build a Campaign

There is some strategy and pre-work that must be completed before you build a campaign in the smrtDialer system. If you have these elements decided ahead of time, the actual building of the campaign will be a breeze.

Campaign Strategy

To optimize outcomes, you need to know where you are aiming (vision and goals) and the tactics you want to use to get there.

  • πŸ“ˆ Goal: What are you trying to achieve with this campaign? What does a successful call look like? What are next steps if a lead passes qualification?

  • 🎯 Target audience: Who will you be calling? How many people will you be calling? Where does their contact information currently exist? If a lead has multiple phone numbers within their record, will you call all of them?

  • ☎ Number of lines (For multi-line subscribers): How many lines will you be dialing at once? This is typically determined by the type of campaign (cold calling versus follow up, current client versus prospect, buyer versus seller, etc. )

  • 🏁 Call Statuses - Decide how you want to tag your completed calls and what you would like to happen to the leads that fall in each bucket. Should they be called again? Removed from the campaign? Added to a different campaign? Added to the Do Not Call list? We recommend keeping it as simple as possible to achieve your goals.

Campaign Assets

Determine what tools are needed to fulfill your campaign strategy.

Lead Sources

The next step after determining your strategy and preparing your assets is to decide how you want to bring leads into smrtDialer. You select which type of lead source you'd like at the Campaign Type step (see step 2 below) of creating a new campaign.

You have two options: from CRM or by direct Excel upload. Each has its own benefits.

πŸ“₯ Option 1: Pulling Leads from your CRM

Dialing your leads just got even easier with campaign creation by uploading a list directly into smrtDialer!

🌐 Podio Users

Building a campaign from Podio is the best way to have dynamic lead lists that adjust based on specific criteria and keep your campaign powered in an ongoing manner.

There are two options in smrtDialer to pull leads from a Podio App:

  1. Using a Category field

  2. Using a View

We recommend using the second option: pulling a lead list based on a View. The reason we prefer this is because a Category field is only one parameter, whereas a view allows you to apply multiple filters and create a more nuanced, targeted list. You must prepare your View ahead of time - so we suggest naming it a friendly and recognizable name to make it easier to identify from smrtDialer.

To draw leads from this View: inside smrtDialer, after the basic campaign settings, you are asked to select Campaign Type - either Podio or Excel. Set Campaign Type to be a Podio Campaign.

Then, in your Campaign Settings > Podio Mapping you can use the drop-down menus to select:

  • Podio Workspace

  • Podio App

  • Under Filters, toggle to View (instead of category)

  • Select the view from the available list

Then, you map the fields from the view that you would like to appear in your Lead Window for your Agent to reference while making calls. Only name (first or full) and phone number are required, but you can add as many fields as will be helpful to make your agent sound smart and professional.

Because the lists pulled from Podio are dynamic, you may want to resync before every dialing session to ensure you have grabbed the most recent set of leads that have been automatically added to the list (based on view filters.)

☁️ Salesforce Users

The option of pulling lists from Salesforce lead lists is available for Salesforce users too. Find out how to get the leads for Salesforce into your smrtDialer Campaign β‡’

⛰️ InvestorFuse Users

The option of pulling lists from InvestorFuse lead lists is available for InvestorFuse users too. Here you can find out how to get leads into your smrtDialer Campaign β‡’

πŸ₯· REISift Users

You can only create CRM-based campaigns.

Learn more reading Pulling a list from your CRM β‡’

πŸ“€ Option 2: Excel Upload Directly into smrtDialer

Building a campaign around an Excel upload is great for large lists and cold calling. You bring the list into smrtDialer push only the warm leads to your CRM. You determine ahead of time what information from the lead populates where in your CRM, and the information can be split among multiple locations.

🌐 Podio Users

When you map the lead data to your CRM you can push different information to multiple Apps, giving you flexibility in data segmentation without needing Globiflow/PWA.

We support uploading .csv, .xls, and .xlsx files.

There are two mapping steps in the Excel Upload process:

  1. Mapping the fields from the spreadsheet into smrtDialer

  2. Mapping where qualified leads will be pushed after a call completes

☁️ Salesforce, ⛰️ InvestorFuse, 🟧 Forefront Users

Excel uploads of large lead lists is available for your CRM users. You just need to click here to access the main article on creating a smrtDialer Campaign based on Excel spreadsheets.

Campaign Creation

Once you have your strategy, assets, and lead sources sorted and organized, you can quickly build your campaign and get dialing.

The first step is to hit the +New Campaign button in the upper right of your smrtDialer.

Step 1: Set the Core Campaign Details

  • πŸ†” Name your campaign - give it a useful, descriptive name that will help you identify it later.

  • βš™ Set the Call Engine Settings that you already determined based on your campaign strategy and assets. These can be edited later from the Campaign Settings screen.

    • Phone number(s) to be used for outbound Caller ID

    • Number of lines to use simultaneously (for multi-line subscribers)

    • Phone number depth - how many numbers to dial per lead if lead records have multiple numbers associated with it.

    • Recordings - including call back, voicemail, and Hold music (for Pro users only)

Step 2: Select Lead Source (Campaign Type)

Step 3: Set Campaign Settings in Call Engine Tab

Step 4: Set Call Script

Step 5: Configure Agent Permissions

Additional Settings

  • πŸ’Ί How to assign agents to seats. Remember - smrtDialer seats are unnamed, so users with granted permissions can swap out agents as needed.

  • πŸ‘‚ Call Monitoring - smrtPhone Pro subscribers have access to their Call Monitoring tools in smrtDialer campaigns as well.

  • πŸ€–πŸ§‘ A.I. Voice Detection in smrtDialer. This is turned on/off at the agent level. When dialing multiple lines at once, it is what identifies if a machine or a live human has answered one of the lines.

  • 🌠 Auto-Resume Dialing. Another feature that is controlled at the agent level, this determines whether a new call will be dialed automatically when the last call is completed or whether the agent has to press the resume dialing button.

How to Dial a Campaign

There is a whole section that walks an agent through how to work a campaign.

Here are some highlights:

Happy Dialing!

Hopefully, this has helped you navigate your way to creating and dialing your first supercharged smrtDialer campaign.

If you didn't find what you were looking for - click on the live chat button πŸ’¬ in the lower right and someone will answer within a few minutes during business hours.

πŸ’‘ Dialing smrtDialer Campaigns β‡’

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